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About Tanh

Tanh always thought his dream was to be a cardiology pharmacist practicing at a learning institute. It seemed appropriate given his Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) at the University of Cincinnati. The truth is, he loves investing. And, he loves Real Estate. When you combine the two with meaningful relationships, beautiful results unfold.

He began learning about investments while StuDYING through his PharmD program. With the little free time he had outside of his studies, he was learning how to invest and how to get his money to work for him. He hoarded every book he could get his hands on and listened to every podcast possible on finance and investments.

Naturally, that lead him to Real Estate and once again, he dug down the rabbit hole. The self-education paid off as he started his Real Estate journey in 2018 with the purchase of a duplex, and progressed to twelve units under management within a year. As he continued to learn and build new relationships, his focus transitioned to building wealth through commercial real estate investments.

You may be wondering, “Why did he leave such a prestigious career to pursue something he didn’t go to school for?” Fortunately, he realized that the most valuable commodity anyone possesses is time. What if we had more time to spend with our family? What if we had more time to do what we love? Realizing time is finite, his passion changed from helping patients live healthier lives to helping people recapture the most valuable currency in existence.

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